18/02/2010 - 21/05/2010

This will be the place for articles of interest that may accompany or shadow some of the things uncovered during the progress of this module.

19 June 2010

Rob Green Virus

WARNING - My computer's been infected by the Robert Green virus. Now I can't save anything.

* Earlier this season you wore gloves with "England's No 6" sewn into the side. Explain to us how that came about.

It was Portsmouth away when I saved a penalty in the last minute and we held on for a draw. The fans were chanting 'England's No 1' and I joked back by holding up six fingers, as if to say I was only sixth choice. The fans picked up on it straight away and it became a regular chant at games. When the club manufacturer heard what the supporters were singing, he asked if I'd mind having it sewn into my gloves as a laugh. If you can't laugh at yourself you can't laugh at anyone so I thought why not? It was just after Fabio Capello had announced his first England squad for the Switzerland game. Of course, I wore them the following Saturday in the 1-1 draw with Birmingham and Capello was in the crowd!

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