18/02/2010 - 21/05/2010

This will be the place for articles of interest that may accompany or shadow some of the things uncovered during the progress of this module.

26 May 2010


eDIT 13 has a call out for a 30 second movie about water. German Festival in September.

17 May 2010

stick with sharky

'Sharky' is a talent, stick with this one to see him encouraged. the boy got rhythm. 2 Year Old Djembe Drummer...

little chimp society

good hub for illustration / animation / opportunities . News . the little chimp society

good character design Blog

thanks Robyn for this link in your essay, thought I would share... character design blogspot. does what it says on the tin. Picture by nico Marlet

Renaud Hallee Canada

very nice tonal device used on this film, the duration makes the tone, I think. sonar by Renaud Hallee . Gravite by the same artist is very good too.

14 May 2010

klik extended deadline

tue 01 June 00:00

Ha! Maybe you thought it was too late to enter a film into KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2010?
Well, we've decided to meet you half way and have extended the deadline another two weeks, to the 1st of June 2010. This really is the last chance to enter for KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2010.

So Submit (...) KLIK!

The GIF ALERT project is a virtual promenade where GIF characters strut their stuff and meet up to do what we do best: loop, loop and loop some more. We're always looking for new friends to loop with, so if you'd like to join us, send yourself to


You should be 150 x 150 pixels on a pure white background.

In the near future you can even add some information on yourself, like your email address or homepage and we'll get to work on making this place feel more like home.

8 May 2010


looking for plan B for music and soundtrack ideas... band camp is a good place to start to make connections with unsigned talent, or to even host your own music on. it seems there are no ads, just lots and lots of music.

Animation Magazine pressbox

'Animation Magazine pressbox' is a dry business based collection of press releases from around the world. deals with games, features, developments... this tag deals with festivals, calls for submissions and opportunities, residencies etc

good contemporary chinese work

this site is a good expo of contemporary Chinese work; "NeochaEDGE is a daily-curated, bilingual website and discovery engine dedicated to showcasing leading-edge creative content and emerging youth culture in China."
Some lovely, provocative, well executed neat ideas. illustration, animation, home.
They have new banner design competition every couple of weeks.

7 May 2010

mass observation diary 12 May

Would you keep a one-day diary
for Mass Observation?
Wednesday 12th May 2010

May 12thIn 1937, Mass Observation called for people
from all parts of the UK to record everything
they did and thought from when they woke
up in the morning to when they went to sleep
at night on 12th May. The resulting diaries
provide a wonderful glimpse into the everyday
lives of all sorts of people in the late 1930s.
They are stored, with many other diaries and
papers, at the Mass Observation Archive at the University of Sussex.

4 May 2010

Hot film from Film bilder

hot film from film bilder, going to rip up the festivals this Summer, but it is flawed as single user. Too long. lovely though. Love and Theft by Andreas Hykade

Mother of Many

Emma has asked me to spread word of this online voting NFB/Cannes Competition in which she has her film - Mother of Many - which she was decent enough to premiere here at UWE. (There are also the other films there online too, for fairness). Like there are other types of biscuits.

Pricing? how much to charge for that first job?

Difficult one this. Love or money. don't give your best for free, also don't price yourself out of the market. Bottom line. break even. This illustrator Heather Castles has written a logical and reasonable article to work out how to get a good hourly rate for yourself to use as a starting point. Does one price by hour or job? do you give your best for experience? She gives a good formula for you to attach a sense of self worth.

bristol west boundaries

Election boundaries have changed making Bristol west an important guide, three way seat too tight to call.

mortydraws part three

part three of Mortydraws take on the election debates on TV...

northern lights volcano

what a narrow spectrum of temperature, chemical conditions we all live in. it is cold for the time of year is such a puny thing to say, but it is though.