18/02/2010 - 21/05/2010

This will be the place for articles of interest that may accompany or shadow some of the things uncovered during the progress of this module.

10 August 2010

see that T shirt there >

See that T shirt there ~ click on it.
I have migrated to a new blog...
forty grins
I have been posting things up during the Summer that take my attention for a moment. they don't rhyme like poetry, they don't sing like a bird. they just chime for a moment like a clock in a parlour with no one in to hear it...

7 July 2010

Johnny kelly

procrastination, the seed, and the making of the seed are well worth a watch. RCA 2007, now directing at Nexus. Reminded of Johnny as a winner at this year's D&AD winning animation film by Matthew Young of Leeds, about the city, is a similar genre. (As was Tom Ormondes film at UWE last year)... what am I saying? I'm saying that this is not plagiarism, but a form. A playful form of expanding on a theme such as city, or inconvenience, or procrastination. They are often platitudes, but often accompanied by good craft.

6 July 2010

FMX talks online

++ Watch FMX 2010 presentations and speaker interviews on AWNtv +++
FMX is a large festival that happens annually in Stuttgart Germany.
Even though it’s been a few weeks since FMX 2010 has closed its doors, we still have a special treat for you. AWNtv has launched a large number of interviews with speakers and presentation recordings in the FMX channel. Some of them include top notch speakers like Ed Hooks, Simon Otto (DreamWorks Animation), Victoria Alonso (Marvel Studios) and Evan Hirsch (THQ).
You can also watch recordings of “Early Days in France”, a track from last year’s conference where French keys actors from the early 80s shared their memories. Among others Pierre Buffin (Founder and CEO, BUF Compagnie), Xavier Nicholas (Managing Director, Lucasfilm Animation) and George Lacroix (GL Consulting) testified how they started in the business and retraced how the more important studios evolved from heavy in-house software to simpler turnkey systems in under five years. Find out the trials and successes they had to face in the early days, when complete movies were made on hardware that was less powerful than today's cell phones. To watch the recorded sessions, please go here.