18/02/2010 - 21/05/2010

This will be the place for articles of interest that may accompany or shadow some of the things uncovered during the progress of this module.

19 February 2010

book offer until 28th feb

We would like to remind you that you have until February 28th to give your students 35% off all student titles!

Give your students the promotional code BTSJ10 to be used at www.laurenceking.com. Choose from all of our student titles, including books on:

Graphic Design: A User's Manual
by Adrian Shaughnessy

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...Graphic Design,

A World History of Art, 7th revised edition
by John Fleming and Hugh Honour

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Colour Painting
by Diane Edison

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The Animation Bible
by Maureen Furniss

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Film: A Critical Introduction, 2nd edition
by Maria Pramaggiore and Tom Wallis

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...Film and Animation,

Hurry! Offer ends February 28th

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